"My prime objective is to excel in as many musical aspects, genres, and industries I challenge myself to be in. From film scoring to jingle writing or experimental hip-hop production, my goal is to push the envelope and imprint my signature sound onto every musical opportunity I acquire."

     Frank Albrecht was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 14th, 1998. He's had a lifetime passion for creating music on multiple instruments, which evolved from self-taught techniques into professional producing, mixing, and scoring for multimedia.

     He moved to Boston, MA in January 2016 to study Film Scoring, Composition, and Contemporary Writing and Production with a minor in Video Game Scoring at Berklee, where he became a scholar student until graduating in 2019. There, he was recognized for his outstanding academic and creative performance, as well as showcasing a wide range of musical talents and genres. Since then, he’s scored over three-dozen commercials for international TV, multiple video games, produced several projects for himself and other artists, under the pseudonym “Analog”, which has landed him articles in several outlets including Billboard Magazine, and more.​


  • Bilingual

    • Spanish and English

  • Multi-instrumentalist

    • Guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion, rapping vocals

  • Versatile

    • Scoring to picture (film, TV, ads, jingles, sonic branding, etc), interactive scoring (video games, VR, etc), performing, composing, arranging, producing, mixing, tutoring

  • Proficient in music software

    • Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Reason, Finale, FL Studio, FMOD Studio, Wwise

  • Proficient in administrative software

    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, iMovie, Photoshop, Mac OS X, Windows